How Long Does Apple Cider Vinegar Last?

apple cider vinegar

We’ve all been there, you’ve used some apple cider vinegar some time ago, and now you’re not sure if you can still use it. If you are an avid cook or not, you’re most likely have some in the far reaches of your pantry or stuck in the dark corner of a cupboard. Apple cider … Read more

Is it Better to Steam or Boil Vegetables?

steam vegetable

Steaming vs Boiling. When it comes to cooking your vegetables, how do you go about it? Are you classic old school and prefer boiling, or are you steaming your vegetables every chance you get? Boiling and steaming both have their benefits, both providing different textures and subtle flavors. Here we get into the details as … Read more

What Can You Cook In A Steamer?

food steamer

I’m sure you have all come across a steamer at some point in your life? Either you’ve discovered one at a friend’s house, at the supermarket or happened to have been gifted one, you’ve possibly even had one for a while. Available in mainly two different forms, the bamboo steamer is probably one of the … Read more

What can I Substitute for Caramelized Onions?

caramelized onions

Have you recently discovered a fantastic recipe that contains caramelized onions, but don’t want to use this particular ingredient? This ingredient is quite common in a lot of recipes, but it isn’t for everyone. If you’re just not a fan of the onion taste or texture, or there is an allergy involved, we have you … Read more

When Do Brussels Sprouts Go Bad?

brussels sprouts

How long do brussels sprouts last I hear you ask? As you would quite rightly not eat anything past their best with it being meat, dairy products and more, vegetables; and brussels sprouts, in particular, have their way of showing us when they have ‘gone bad’. But what are the tell-tell signs as to when … Read more

What Distinguishes a Soft Shell Taco from a Burrito?

sof shell taco vs burrito

Although both dishes are staples of Mexican cuisine and include many of the same ingredients, there are several important differences between a soft shell taco and a burrito. Before venturing into the soft shell taco vs burrito debate, however, it will be helpful to define both dishes. The taste, preparation, and presentation of tacos and … Read more