Can You Use A Meat Grinder To Make Pasta?

So, you want to make some fresh pasta, brilliant. Not only does fresh pasta taste amazing, but it is also highly gratifying to have made it from scratch. But you don’t want to spend the money on an extra piece of machinery, and you have a meat grinder ready and waiting. Lucky for you, you can use a meat grinder to make pasta.

Depending on the machine you currently have, you may or may not have pasta-making attachments already included. If not, you can easily buy some online that will fit your specific machine. Make sure you do your research before you order. If you don’t have the proper attachment, don’t make your pasta just yet, or you could damage your machine.

Let’s get to it and get you ready to start making pasta through your meat grinder.

Why pick meat grinder to make pasta?

A meat grinder is quite a valuable piece of equipment. As well as grinding meat, you can also use this machinery to grate cheese, make bread crumbs, make baby food as well as grind nuts and seeds into a fine consistency. As long as you have the correct attachments. 

But just how beneficial is it to use your grinder for pasta? Actually, it is super beneficial, as long as it is used correctly and with the proper attachments. Here we will show you all the benefits of creating pasta through your grinder –

  • You can make a large amount of pasta and freeze it for a later date.
  • Or make as little as you need, saving both time and money.
  • It is a more straightforward way of making pasta over more conventional methods. 
  • Your pasta will be more consistent, and the shapes will be exactly the same with some practice. 
  • By using different plates/attachments, you can create different shapes.
  • Cheaper than store-bought pasta.
  • It tastes even more fantastic than dried pasta bought from the store.
  • Super easy to clean and with less effort.
  • Money saved by owning less machinery and equipment. 
  • A lot more convenient than food processors. 
  • Meat grinders are easy to build and break down, especially when using different plates and attachments.

Drawback of using meat grinder to make pasta

Along with the benefits of using meat grinders, there ultimately may be some drawbacks. But are they enough for you to decide to not use this equipment?

  • Some parts of your machinery may not be able to be washed or may be more challenging to clean.
  • It can take some practice to get the pasta just right.
  • Less convenient compared buying premade pasta.
  • Manual grinders can take longer to prepare the pasta dough.
  • If using an electric grinder, they may make a lot more noise and will use more power. 

When it comes to the drawbacks, it ultimately comes down to whether or not they are big enough of an inconvenience for you. For many, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

Manual vs Electric Meat Grinder

When it comes to using a meat grinder for making pasta, which is best – a manual or electric grinder? This can be entirely down to you and what you prefer. With a manual grinder, you may have more control over the pasta shapes, but it will be more hard work. An electric grinder will do the bulk of the hard work for you with the mixing and pushing through of the dough.

There is no right or wrong here, just your own personal preference. If you are lucky enough to own both or know someone who has a grinder different to your own, trial them against each other to see which one works better for you. 

What Next?

The time has come to finally make some pasta. You’ve got your attachments, and you’ve weighed the pros and cons of using your meat grinder. You now need to make sure your pasta dough is the correct consistency to go through the machine. 

If your dough is too wet and it will not pass through your grinder. Too dry, and it will break up as soon as it passes through the attachment. Make sure you follow your chosen recipe to the letter, adding more semolina or water as needed. Your pasta dough will need to be crumbly just enough to be able to pass through your meat grinder perfectly. Get this part right, and your pasta will pass through the attachment looking not only absolutely perfect but will also ensure that it cooks correctly. Make sure you are using enough flour both on your hands and on your pasta when making it; it will make your life a lot easier when handling.

Don’t be disheartened if your pasta doesn’t turn out as it should the first time around. Pasta making can be tricky, and it can take some time to perfect. Learn from any mistakes you made, and be ready for your next go at making your pasta. In no time, you will be a pro at using your grinder for making pasta and making some truly delicious pasta recipes. 

When it comes to cleaning and storing your machine, wash and dry thoroughly before storing it in a safe location. If you have pets or young children, keep away from where they can reach. These machines can be dangerous if used or stored incorrectly. Any leftover pasta can be stored in the fridge and in the freezer. Just double-check with your recipe as to what they recommended.

So, we have established that you can use your meat grinder to make pasta. With the correct attachments, the perfect pasta recipe, and a bit of patience, you will be making the most out of your meat grinding machine. Perhaps you can grind some meat to use in your recipe alongside your pasta?

Once you have got the knack of using your meat grinder and making pasta, the world is your oyster. What type of pasta will you make next for a fantastic and delicious homemade meal?

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