14 Recipes For What To Make With Wonton Wrappers

Wonton wrappers are often overlooked as a food product, but they have many uses and can be used in all sorts of cookery, from dumplings and pancakes to soufflés, and even ice cream cones.

And that’s not even touching on the amazing array of appetizers you can whip up with them!

14 Recipes For What To Make With Wonton Wrappers

Here’s our selection of 20 recipes that should keep you occupied until the next new batch comes along!

1. Baked Pot Stickers With Dipping Sauce

These wonton wraps are a great way of bringing tasty bite-sized appetizers with you to whatever event you’ve been invited to.

With the dipping sauce that comes with this recipe, you’ll find that your plate empties quicker than ever, as they really are delicious packets of flavor!

The trick to getting the right amount of crisp on your wontons is getting enough water that allows them to crisp properly, without completely ruining them. But it’s not hard to get there!

Just mix 1/2 cup of regular milk (not low fat) and 1 Tbsp of cornstarch in a small bowl. Mix well and add a little more cornstarch if needed. This will help keep your wontons from becoming soggy when cooking.

2. Baked Cream Cheese Wontons

The combination of cream cheese and crispy wonton in this recipe make it a textual feast for all the senses, not just your mouth and appetite!

These cream cheese wontons are usually deep-fried for preparation, but it is also possible to bake them instead if you are looking for a slightly healthier option to make as a tasty appetizer or snack.

Just make sure that you serve them warm with some great dipping sauces as a nice accompaniment. Use your favorite hot sauce or even chili garlic sauce!

You can use any kind of cream cheese you want. I prefer cream cheese over sour cream because the texture is much better at holding up to the heat of the frying oil. But feel free to try both of them out.

3. Wonton Cups With Spinach Artichoke

Wontons are an incredibly versatile little ingredient that deserves a bunch more recognition.

Being able to add pretty much any kind of ingredient to them to be baked or deep-fried is a real blessing for those people that want to try something different.

This recipe for spinach and artichoke pate in your wonton cup is more than proof of this exact idea.

For this recipe, I used my brand new wonton wrapper machine which makes me so happy every time I do a batch of these tiny bites. If you don’t have one yet, then you should get yourself one! They make life so easy.

Dip them in egg wash, then roll in cornstarch and fry ’em up in hot vegetable oil! It’s like a mini-burger!

Just like many other dishes that have come before it, this one has turned into a classic in its own right. You won’t regret making some of these!

4. Apple Pie Wonton Cups

Your wonton recipes don’t need to stay savory either. They’re just as good at being little pockets of sweetness, too, like this wonton apple pie recipe shows!

Using apples is still a very common choice for wonton fillings, and they work extremely well together. The tartness of the apples balances out the sweet and creamy filling perfectly!

I love how the cinnamon rolls in this recipe give off a bit of extra moisture, helping to bind everything together. And since they’re filled with apple pie filling, they’re also a perfect dessert option.

If you haven’t made wonton wrappers before, now’s the time to start experimenting with them! There’s no limit to what you can do with them, and you’ll never look back once you’ve tried them!

If you’re not familiar with wonton wrappers yet, then click on the title of this recipe to find out all about them!

5. Philly Cheesesteak Wonton Cups

Don’t let wonton cup sizes get in the way of making your dream appetizers! With a little imagination and know-how, pretty much every type of filling works great with wontons, like this Philly cheesesteak recipe!

One of the first things that came to mind when thinking about this particular recipe was pepperoni. This pairing works quite well, especially when paired with mozzarella and cheddar cheeses.

But there’s no reason why you could not include a lot more ingredients than just meat and cheese here. You can easily throw in broccoli florets or sautéed mushrooms, for example.

There’s no end to the possibilities! Pick whatever else sounds good and go wild. Just remember to keep the amount of liquid you put inside your wonton cups low enough so that they don’t leak during baking.

6. Crab And Cheddar Baked Wonton Purses

Seafood goes just as great with wontons as vegetables, meat and cheese do. These crab and cheddar appetizers will surely wow any crowd that gets their hands on them!

The flavors in this recipe are big, bold, and delicious, but they aren’t overpowering. So while they’d be perfect for a party, they can also be enjoyed all by themselves.

I love how the crab flavor comes through even stronger when using spicy mayonnaise. Spicy sauces go well with seafood in general, and crab in particular.

But if you’re looking for another seafood dish that pairs nicely with wontons, then head over to our salmon wonton recipe for ideas!

7. Pizza Wonton Cups

Look, everyone loves pizza. That’s just a fact. So who wouldn’t love a miniature little slice of Italy in their wonton cups? This recipe is a great way of having a bite-sized pizza on you anywhere you go!

Since I wanted these to taste like real pizza, I decided to use fresh garlic instead of jarred or canned! Garlic is one of my favorite food items, so I am always excited to play around with it whenever possible.

These pizza wonton cups are customizable, so feel free to pick whichever toppings sound best to you. It doesn’t matter whether you choose standard pepperoni or ham, sausage or veggies.

You can mix up anything you want here because each component adds its special flavor to this recipe. Like I said earlier though, the most important thing is to have fun with it and try new things.

And with any luck, you’ll come up with some fantastic combinations!

8. Thai Chicken Salad Wonton Cups

Thai chicken salad is considered by many to be an acquired taste. But if you have acquired said taste, then you want to share that dish with everyone else.

This wonton cup and mini Thai chicken salad is a great way of allowing your guests to taste something new.

When I think of Thai cuisine, the first thing that usually pops into my head is sweet and sour foods. And when I say “sweet”, I mean that in both senses: savory and sugary.

Sweet and sour dishes are known for being tangy, sour, and richly flavored. All three characteristics are present here, which makes them delicious.

Each ingredient has its unique role in bringing out the right balance of flavors in this recipe. For instance, jalapeño peppers provide a nice kick of heat that balances out the sweetness from the honey.

The ginger takes care of the sourness, while the coconut milk keeps everything light and refreshing. And finally, the peanuts add a bit of crunch, which is a wonderful touch.

9. Chicken Chili Wonton Bites

This recipe has been a huge hit at our house. There’s nothing better than curling up on a cold night inside with a bowl of chicken chili wonton bites.

They’re not only super easy to put together, but they are packed full of flavor. We got a lot of enjoyment from eating these without feeling guilty about overeating.

They’re so good that we often eat several batches before putting away any leftovers.

Most people know that wonton wrappers are dumplings, but they don’t realize just how versatile they can be. As long as you select the right size, you can turn almost every type of filling imaginable into a crispy treat.

After trying the original recipe out for ourselves, we’ve used a combination of ground turkey, beef, and chicken.

If you’d prefer to keep things vegetarian, feel free to swap the meat for your preferred protein. Just note that some proteins will require additional cooking time when compared to others.

We recommend using ground poultry since that gives the wontons a more even texture. You could also use shredded pork or leftover roast chicken.

10. Easy Baked Wonton Chicken Taquitos

Meat is best used in wonton when it is shredded so that other fillings can mix their flavors well with whatever your choice of meat is (our favorites are beef and chicken).

This is the case with this wonton chicken taquito recipe.

These tasty treats combine three different types of flavors: salty-spicy-sour. That’s enough to create a mouthful of enjoyable food that will always leave you wanting more (those on a diet, beware!)

The key to creating this kind of flavor profile is selecting ingredients that complement one another.

In this recipe, the pork shoulder helps bring all of those components together. It is tender and flavorful while adding its distinct flavor to the mixture.

To give the chicken taquitos a little more bite, we added some crushed red pepper flakes to the mixture. Those spices help enhance the flavors of the pork, making the whole dish far more enticing.

But don’t worry too much about overdoing it on the spice. These aren’t spicy at all, and instead, they have a subtle hint of sweet and tangy flavors that makes them very appealing.

11. Crispy Wonton Cups With Green Chile Cheese

Chile cheese is a cheese that doesn’t get enough appreciation, in our opinion anyway. So we’re glad that it gets some much-needed love in this recipe as a filling for your wontons!

You can enjoy this cheesy goodness as a dip or topping for fresh fruit or veggies, or you can use it as an alternative to regular pasta sauce when serving it over spaghetti squash. Either way, there isn’t a bad option here.

If you want to be adventurous, you can try mixing some chopped green chilies into the cheese itself. Because this particular variety packs quite a punch of heat, we wouldn’t recommend doing that unless you like having your tongue scorched off!

Instead, opt for something milder such as roasted poblanos, or if that’s still too intense for you, simply omit the chilies altogether, and replace it with a cheese of your liking.

12. Mozzarella Pizza Stick

Mozzarella sticks are almost as popular as pizza nowadays. So why not try and combine that delicious cheesy softness with a little wonton crunch?

This snack is perfect to serve alongside any type of appetizer or soup. We think it would go especially well with a bowl of tomato basil soup, but you could easily substitute this recipe for any sort of vegetable soup.

And because mozzarella sticks tend to fall apart fairly quickly, we recommend keeping these sticks in a sealed container ahead of time until ready to eat.

The frozen ones work just fine for dunking, and they’ll stay crispy longer than fresh ones.

13. Southwest Egg Rolls

Southwest Egg Rolls

The combination of crispy outside and creamy inside to this wonton recipe will blow you away!

We wanted to come up with a delicious egg roll recipe that combined two of the most common flavor profiles around – Mexican and Chinese. And what better way to do that than by using wonton wrappers?

Wonton wrappers offer a great balance between soft and crisp throughout the entire package, which means you can enjoy a bite of either end without feeling like you’ve eaten too many breadsticks.

However, the beauty of this egg roll creation comes from the flavor combinations in each wonton wrapper: sour cream, ham, cilantro, onion, celery, lime juice, jalapeño peppers, and ground corn husk pieces.

They are all mixed and rolled into a spiral shape before being steamed. Then to top things off, we drizzle those beautiful rolls with a salsa made up of tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro, and jalapenos.

This is one of those recipes where less is more.

14. Chicken Wonton Tacos

Looking for a Chinese and Mexican appetizer for your next meal? Look no further than these chicken wonton tacos!

There is nothing complicated about making these tacos, and they’re incredibly easy to assemble. They take only three ingredients, and they’re ready to eat in under half an hour.

Each taco contains four wonton wrappers (a total of 16 per batch), so you need to plan accordingly. But once you have them on hand, you won’t regret buying a couple of extra boxes.

These wraps are the perfect canvas for all sorts of toppings; whether you decide to add shredded lettuce, diced avocado, sliced olives, or even pickled red chili peppercorns, you’ll find yourself coming back for more.


As you can see, all it takes to make the most of those leftover wonton wraps are a few other ingredients and a little imagination.

If you want a healthier option, consider replacing some of the flour with whole wheat pastry flour, or play around with different types of sauces and dips.

But regardless of how you choose to prepare them, we promise you that these wonton snacks will be a hit at parties and gatherings alike!

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