What To Do With Evaporated Milk: 17 Easy Recipes Plus Storage Info

Evaporated milk is a favorite ingredient for plenty of sweet foods and desserts around the world. But what many people are surprised by is how great it is as an ingredient in so many main course dishes, too.

What To Do With Evaporated Milk: 17 Easy Recipes Plus Storage Info

It adds an extra creaminess to many savory recipes that makes them mouthwatering and delicious to your taste buds.

This list will help show you the true potential of this popular cooking ingredient, from desserts to dinner meals, from sauces to soups!

Ribbon Fantasy Fudge

What To Do With Evaporated Milk: 17 Easy Recipes Plus Storage Info

To start our list off, we’re going with an old favorite that condensed milk is often used in, but with a bit of a twist.

Fudge is always going to go down a treat whenever it is made, no matter what the occasion or what the flavor is.

And since marshmallows are pretty much universally loved by everyone, you can bet that a marshmallow-flavored fudge is going to be an absolute treat to behold!

The best way to make this fudge is to use your homemade marshmallow fluff as opposed to using store-bought stuff. It’s so much better and will give you the perfect texture.

If you don’t have any marshmallow fluff around, then just buy some ready-to-eat marshmallows instead.

This fudge is rich and creamy – something which I’m sure you’ll agree is quite hard to come across these days.

It has a very strong chocolate flavor, but if you like more vanilla than chocolate, simply add 1/2 tsp vanilla extract to the mixture before pouring it into the molds.

If you want to add nuts to this fudge, try adding 2 tbsp chopped pecans or walnuts per batch.

Bacon Cheeseburger Soup

What To Do With Evaporated Milk: 17 Easy Recipes Plus Storage Info

We promised you that evaporated milk wasn’t just for killer desserts.

And with this recipe for an amazing cheeseburger soup is a savory dish that benefits from the addition of an extra helping of this wonder ingredient!

All you need here is a large heavy-bottomed saucepan, a whisk, a food processor, and a few other basic kitchen items.

This is one of those recipes where you don’t need any fancy equipment at all, but if you’ve got the time and patience to hand, they’ll certainly help.

You should know that evaporated milk can be tricky to work with because it tends to separate when heated. So be sure to stir the mixture frequently while cooking and after removing it from the heat too.

If you’d prefer a vegan version of this recipe, swap out the cheese for soy cream cheese.

You could also replace the hamburgers with ground vegetable or imitation meat patties, and you may even find yourself able to fit two of them in there without having to worry about cutting them up first.

Fudge Sauce

What To Do With Evaporated Milk: 17 Easy Recipes Plus Storage Info

Of course, adding a little extra sweetness to a recipe is the proverbial bread and butter of evaporated milk.

It’s a delicious way of making any kind of recipe a little more silky smooth in your mouth, whether it is a portion of solid food or an extra creamy sauce. This fudge sauce recipe is proof of that.

A fudge sauce is a thickened caramel sauce that’s been flavored with whatever ingredients you desire. It’s usually served over ice cream or drizzled over cakes or cookies. The sky is your limit with this sort of recipe!

This is such a simple yet addictive recipe that you won’t believe how quickly it comes together. The only trick is finding good quality cream cheese that doesn’t break down when stirred. Otherwise, it’s a piece of cake!

Everyday Frittata

What To Do With Evaporated Milk: 17 Easy Recipes Plus Storage Info

For another great meal that benefits from the inclusion of evaporated milk. a frittata is a great Italian dish that always benefits from a little extra creaminess.

In this particular recipe, we’re going to use eggs, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, spinach, and some herbs to create a tasty breakfast frittata that’s packed full of healthy nutrients.

As far as what makes a frittata taste so different from most other dishes goes, it’s the fact that it’s cooked on a low flame until the egg is set.

At this stage, it is then flipped over and baked for a further 5 minutes, or until it’s golden brown and crispy on top.

To make this frittata extra special, we’ve added evaporation milk to the mix. The result is a deliciously fluffy frittata that is perfectly moist and bursting with flavor.

Bread And Butter Pudding

What To Do With Evaporated Milk: 17 Easy Recipes Plus Storage Info

Do you have any spare bread lying around the kitchen? Are you worried about it going to waste? Bread and Butter is a time-old way of using what little ingredients you have leftover to make something special.

Evaporated milk only makes this recipe that much better a comfort food!

It’s fairly common knowledge that bread and butter pudding is made by soaking stale bread in alcohol before adding milk, eggs, and sugar. However, this isn’t exactly the case.

In reality, this type of pudding was originally made using leftover bread from last night’s dinner.

The thing is, though, that bread and butter pudding has evolved into a bit of a culinary classic. Nowadays, it’s often made with slices of fresh white bread in place of the old-fashioned stale stuff.

But regardless of which kind of bread you choose to use, this is still a delectable dessert that will keep you warm and cozy throughout the winter months.

Classic Swedish Meatballs

What To Do With Evaporated Milk: 17 Easy Recipes Plus Storage Info

Swedish meatballs have been growing in popularity across the world over the last few decades.

And almost as famous as this kind of meatball is the sauce that these delicious balls of meat are prepared and cooked with. A sauce that is only made better, thanks to the inclusion of evaporated milk.

These meatballs are quite easy to prepare. All you need is ground beef, pork, veal, lamb, or chicken mixed with seasonings like pepper, onion, garlic, thyme, marjoram, parsley, salt, and pepper.

You can also add spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves for an even more flavorful sauce.

Once everything is combined, roll the mixture into small balls and bake them at 200 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. This should be enough to cook the ball through without drying out.

However, if you don’t want to go all out, there is no reason why you couldn’t skip the sauce altogether and just serve your meatballs plain. It’s entirely up to your personal preference.

Pumpkin-Spice Magic Cake

What To Do With Evaporated Milk: 17 Easy Recipes Plus Storage Info

Pumpkin is the flavor of fall around the country, so it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s a flavor that is incorporated into pretty much any meal or dessert.

This spice cake goes excellently with evaporated milk to create a beautiful dessert that is a feast for your eyes and mouth, inspired by traditional Mexican desserts.

This cake is incredibly simple to prepare and doesn’t require too many ingredients. What you really need are canned pumpkin puree, flour, baking powder, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, and evaporated milk.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try substituting some of the evaporated milk with coconut milk instead.

You’ll definitely notice the difference when you take a bite of this chocolate cake.

And while it may seem difficult to find an ingredient like evaporated milk nowadays, you can easily substitute it with regular milk. Just remember to increase the amount of milk used accordingly.

Fluffy Waffles

What To Do With Evaporated Milk: 17 Easy Recipes Plus Storage Info

Waffles are one of those dishes that are perfect for breakfast or brunch on the weekend. They are usually served with maple syrup, but they can also be enjoyed with other toppings such as berries or whipped cream.

Waffle batter is one of those things that is best left alone. The idea behind waffles is to let the batter rest overnight so that the gluten can fully develop and form a strong structure.

Once the waffle is baked, it needs to be allowed time to cool down before being served.

There are two ways you can make waffles at home. One way is to simply pour a mix of buttermilk and water on top of your waffle iron and wait for it to finish cooking.

Another option is to follow recipes that call for pre-made mixes. For example, you can buy premade pancake batter and simply add some extra liquid to help the batter become fluffy.

In either case, you’ll need to allow your waffles to cool down completely before serving. This will ensure that they are not soggy or wet.

Flor’s Leche Flan

What To Do With Evaporated Milk: 17 Easy Recipes Plus Storage Info

A classic caramel recipe that is only enhanced by the addition of evaporated milk, this Leche flan is exactly the finish you need for a delicious dinner.

Flor uses whole eggs and sugar in her recipe, which gives the dish a rich texture.

If you have never made flans before, you might be wondering how you are supposed to get the skin off the egg yolks after boiling them. Luckily, most recipes tell you how to do this step.

Essentially, you start by putting the eggs in cold water and then bring the temperature up slowly until the whites are cooked and the yolks are soft.

After this has been achieved, you remove the eggs from the heat and leave them in cold water for about 10 minutes.

Then, using a spoon, carefully crack the shell and scoop out the yolk. You can use a fork if you prefer.

While we recommend you use real evaporated milk here, you can use regular milk instead. If you decide to use regular milk, just double the amount of milk called for.

Creamy Chicken Rice Soup

What To Do With Evaporated Milk: 17 Easy Recipes Plus Storage Info

Time for another delicious main course that evaporated milk turns into sweet magic!

This chicken and rice soup recipe has a flavor and texture that won’t be beaten anytime soon, and certainly not without the help of evaporated milk, that’s for sure!

This recipe calls for fresh herbs and spices, which makes it taste even more authentic. To create the smooth consistency, you first cook the chicken and vegetables separately, then combine everything in a stockpot.

Finally, you simmer the mixture for 20 minutes before adding in some evaporated milk for a final touch of sweetness.

The best part? There’s no need to use any fancy equipment to prepare this soup; all you need is a large pot and a strainer.

Truly Key Lime Pie Ice Cream

What To Do With Evaporated Milk: 17 Easy Recipes Plus Storage Info

Key Lime pie is a classic, if a little underrated, American dessert that balances sweetness with the sourness of citrus, thanks at least in part to the condensed milk that the pie is often made with.

And in ice cream form, evaporated milk does just the same!

Evaporated milk is very similar in taste and texture to condensed milk. The only noticeable difference between them is that evaporated usually contains less added sweeteners to it, although it still usually contains more than normal milk has naturally.

As such, when mixed with other ingredients like lime juice and zest, it helps to sweeten the finished product a little while also giving the intense lime flavor enough room to still be detected without being overwhelming.

Although it doesn’t matter what type of pie crust you choose to make your ice cream base with, we highly recommend using puff pastry. It’s easy to work with, making it perfect for beginners.

Tallarines Verdes

What To Do With Evaporated Milk: 17 Easy Recipes Plus Storage Info

Pasta dishes aren’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of ways to add evaporated milk to your classic dishes.

But this pasta noodle recipe, coupled with evaporated milk and a little pesto sauce, will go down a treat with any Italian food-lover!

When choosing the right pasta noodles for this dish, you should try to find Pappardelle pasta (also known as fettuccine) because they hold their shape better than traditional spaghetti.

Although you could substitute spaghetti, you’ll end up with a different result once you’ve boiled it.

We’re calling for pesto paste here, but you could easily swap it for basil leaves or whatever else you have on hand.

To make this dish extra creamy, simply boil the noodles in salted water for 5 minutes before draining and tossing them with the pesto sauce.

Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to mix in the evaporated milk and cheese.

Nutella Bread Pudding

What To Do With Evaporated Milk: 17 Easy Recipes Plus Storage Info

Nutella and evaporated milk are often used in dessert recipes that want to get that classic hazelnut chocolate flavor whilst also getting a smooth creaminess to their food.

In this recipe, they come together to make an unforgettable bread pudding that will be a favorite of anyone who has the chance to taste it!

To make the filling, start by heating the milk over medium heat until it starts to steam. Then remove from the heat and let cool slightly.

Add the eggs, sugar, and vanilla extract into the cooled milk, whisking well as you go. After doing so, pour the mixture into a baking dish and place it in the oven for 35 minutes.

Once cooked, take the dish out of the oven, top with the Nutella spread, and return to the oven for another 15 minutes.

This will help the Nutella set and allow the bread pudding to finish cooking. Once the top is golden brown, carefully remove it from the oven and serve immediately.

Chocolate Cream Pie

What To Do With Evaporated Milk: 17 Easy Recipes Plus Storage Info

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate and cream pie? It’s a combination of the two best kinds of food out there!

Whether it’s a slice for yourself or something to be shared at a party or meal, you can’t go wrong with this recipe!

For the crust, use meringue cookies to help create a flaky shell, which will add quite a bit of sweetness to the pie.

We suggest trying to avoid using butter for baking these meringues since it tends to turn the cookie dough too dry; however, if you must, use margarine instead.

Whilst the meringue needs to be baked at 100C / 200F for about 3 hours, don’t worry if it cracks after one hour. Just keep checking back every 30 minutes to ensure that it hasn’t hardened all the way through.

Once baked, leave to cool completely before cutting into slices. You can then either eat the whole thing by itself or save some for later.

Seven Layer Gelatin Salad

What To Do With Evaporated Milk: 17 Easy Recipes Plus Storage Info

Jello and Gelatin isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of evaporated cream.

But for those mixes that require a little extra creaminess, as well as helping your gelatin hold a solid color, evaporated milk is absolutely the way to go, especially with this recipe!

The key to making a delicious gelatin salad is ensuring that everything is properly mixed. For this reason, it’s important to add the gelatin last and then stir well just before adding the other ingredients.

To achieve the perfect texture, you need to cook the gelatin thoroughly. To do this, soak the block overnight in cold water. The next day, drain off any excess water, then cut the gelatine into small cubes.

Boil the cubes in 1 cup of boiling water for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from the heat and let stand for 10-15 minutes.

The key to making this salad is layering everything properly. Otherwise, you’ll end up with lots of lumps of Jell-O floating around inside. To do this, just spoon the layers out onto plates.

Start with a layer of the gelatin powder in the bottom of each plate, followed by a layer of mayonnaise, then some grated cheese, then a layer of lettuce, followed by more cheese, and finally ending with a layer of the jello powder. If you like, you can even add some sliced fruit on top.

Roast Beef And Cheddar Sandwich With Horseradish Sauce

What To Do With Evaporated Milk: 17 Easy Recipes Plus Storage Info

Ah, delicious roast beef. What could make it any better? Well, adding a delicious cheddar melting sauce over it is a good place to start!

With succulent beef slices, coupled with an oozing cheddar sauce, thanks in part to your trusty old friend, evaporated milk, there’s unlikely to be a sandwich within a hundred miles that won’t be jealous of this!

To get started, preheat your oven to 180c / 350f. Slice your roast beef into thin strips, and spread them out on a baking tray. Bake for 15 minutes until they’re crispy and browned.

While the beef is cooking, mix the mustard, horseradish sauce, and vinegar in a small bowl. Season with salt and pepper, and pour over your roast beef pieces. Serve immediately, and watch everyone enjoy their sandwiches!

Butterscotch Pumpkin Fudge

What To Do With Evaporated Milk: 17 Easy Recipes Plus Storage Info

It began with a fudge recipe, so we’ll end this recipe list with one too!

Your evaporated milk is back at home, doing what it’s best at, making a delicious tasting fudge that is made to be shared (or saved) for your taste bud’s pleasure!

If you want to try something different, why not try a chocolate version instead?

This fudgy recipe has three main components – pumpkin puree, butterscotch syrup, and golden syrup. These are combined with instant mashed potato flakes and vanilla-flavored sugar.

This mixture is then stirred together with melted butter and poured into a lined tin.

Once cooled, cut into squares and serve. It will keep well for several days stored in a sealed container.

Storage Suggestions

Because it is a tinned food when it is normally bought, evaporated milk has a very long shelf life that is pretty typical amongst canned foods. If it is stored in a cool, dry place, it will usually stay safe to eat for several years.

It will usually even last several months after the sell-by date on the tin has passed, although we wouldn’t recommend it, just to be on the safe side.

It is still milk, after all, and the bacteria culture in it will eventually catch up to it, no matter what preservative methods you put it through!

Once your evaporated milk tin has been opened, however, it will likely only last for 2 to 3 days.

Keeping it in your refrigerator in an airtight container might help it last for 4 or 5 days, depending on the brand, but evaporated milk very rarely lasts longer than this.

If you have opened evaporated milk in your fridge for more than five days, make sure that you dispose of it.


This is just a shortlist of the countless other recipes out there. It seems like there is no limit to what evaporated milk can’t improve!

From soups, sauces, and dressings to desserts, drinks, pasta, sandwiches, even gelatin! It really does go with everything!

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